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Eating Right for Your Waistline

Maintaining a proper diet is crucial to keeping your waistline slim, I have found this out from first hand experience. After trying some of the standard "diet plans" out there I had little to no success, it wasn't until I changed the way I looked at dieting that things began to improve.

After getting a slim waistline, I quickly lost it due to not keeping up with the types of foods I was eating. A general lack of fruits and vegetables along with a steady dose of carbohydrates and saturated fats had me right back where I was, and arguably in an even worse position.

I was very focused on what foods I should be avoiding and not what I should be eating. All of this was very difficult to do until I learned the difference between saturated fat which is bad for you, and the polyunsaturated fats which actually benefit the body. Polyunsaturated fats come in the form of oil, for example fish oil, and certain seed oils like sunflower. These types of fats are actually good for the body in moderation, and leave you feeling full without adding inches to your waist.

It is actually recommended to get a healthy dose of fat, as long as the form of fat is suitable for a healthy lifestyle. Refined carbohydrates were also a big deal for me, and continued to cause problems until I replaced them with complex carbs. Complex carbs can be found in certain starchy vegetables, which provide fiber and minerals along with the carbohydrates your body needs, all without jacking up your blood sugar and contributing to common health problems.

Like a lot of people I got caught up in diet pills and bogus health plans, it wasn't until I began to discover the beauty of these foods that results began to appear. The great thing is that they were already there in my pantry, and I had overlooked them for so long and also learn about mike geary truth about abs.

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